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Upcoming projects - Poll result

I have closed the poll (august 2014) - thanks a lot for your vote! The results are very helpful for me and is shown below ordered by popularity - at the top with the most votes, at the bottom with the least.

[1] Short film

feature-movieThis would be one of the biggest projects to come. After several short animations and documentaries the next step would be an independent movie. Essential elements like the mystery of creation and nature will be an important part of the story. The idea needs further steps to become a plot and screenplay.


[2] Cosmic Floating II - Animation

Cosmic Floating 2"Cosmic Floating" was done 2010. Many things have developed since then, also the technology and tools I use. "Cosmic Floating II" would be a sequel - about 20-25 minutes of fractal animation and visualisations of inner spaces accompanied with spherical music.


[3] Musion Hologram

musion-hologramMost people know this as the "2Pac Hologram". The company for this technology is called Musion. We got in touch 2013 for a show at the Kinetica Art and Science Festival in London where "The Infinite in Between" was converted into a Musion stage hologram. The result was stunning. This project would go a step further where I can create somethings specifically for this amazing technology.


[4] Projection Mapping in a church

projection-mapping"Cosmic Floating" was originally made for a projection inside a church to create a sacred atmosphere with fractals and sound. This idea would take it a step further with the projection mapping technique, where several projectors animate fractals and geometric patterns on the walls and ornaments inside a church to create a sacred and psychedelic space.


[5] Sacred Spaces - Room Installation

room-installationThis idea is to use several framed digital screens linked to each other showing fractal animations. Together they would look like windows into another world or dimension. This would be particularly powerful for meditation rooms or spaces for retreat, but also suitable for public spaces. The content and fractal animations can be adapted to the room and circumstance.


[6] Card Set

card-setAll the fractals and their qualities would be put into a card set, which can be used to meditate, as oracle cards or to navigate through inner spaces, astral realms or dimensions.


[7] Book / Artbook "Patterns of Creation"

book-3dThis project is a mix between an artbook and a book about fractals. The most important experiences I made concerning consciousness and spirit, as well as the technical and artistic uses of fractals go in here. Addtionally I will also address the meaning of fractality in creation and in our life.


[8] Music CD

cd-3dThe genre of this music would be: spherical, ethereal and ambient. Several tracks are already audible in the audio section or during the animations. Many other pieces are in the tray and waiting. This CD would contain a remake of the best tracks and has the same purpose as all of my work: to open up to the mysterious spaces and dimensions.