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About Void Visuals

Void Visuals is an artistic project founded to explore the hidden and invisible principles of creation. The images, music and animations are visual and musical interpretations of cosmic principles, invisible patterns and other dimensions. They shall remind us of the mystery, the beauty and miracle of creation and of our own role as a part of it. The void beyond the veil is not empty, but filled with infinite possibilities in their dormant and primordial state, before anything comes into concrete and manifest forms. These countless spheres have a different frequency and their creation processes are governed by fundamental principles such as Geometry, Fractals, Vibration and Light.

The works presented here are my artistic interpretation of these universal patterns and principles from other dimensions or other frequencies we usually cannot perceive. Void Visuals attempts to makes the invisible visible and the inaudible audible in order to allow a glimpse of the mysteries behind the veil. With the general term “patterns of creation” it explores a wide spectrum of topics such as energetic dynamics, manifestation principles, sound and vibration patterns, morphogenetic fields, astral realms, bodiless entities and other worlds and dimensions.


The Goal

My Vision with Void Visuals is to transform the way we see creation and to establish and manifest a conscious worldview, in which all things are enlivened and interconnected and in which the material cosmos is but a very small spectrum of all that exists. The human existence is an interpretation within linear space-time of our true divine being, which is multi dimensional and primordial. Void Visuals uses the language of art and music trying to integrate the cognitive mind and to reach the heart in order to awaken this universal part within each of us, which is always connected beyond limitations to the divine source.

The topics like Fractals, Harmonics and Sacred Geometry have a very strong integral quality and effect. Dealing with them is one way of getting in touch with the primordial. In that sense Void Visuals serves as an informant, catalyst and fortifier for that process and the goal is to establish a reality on the inside as well as on the outside: a state of truth, connection, serenity, wisdom and universal understanding.