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About the Artist

Minghao Xu, born 1983 in Beijing, China, grown up in Germany. After graduation at first study in art history and philosophy at the University RWTH Aachen, afterwards study in "Visual Communications" at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht. Diploma in Video/Film, Bachelor of Arts.

Since his childhood art and creativity has become an essential part of his life. During regular stays in China, Minghao had been taught the craft of drawing and painting by several professors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. As a teenager he discovered the joy of making music and plays guitar and cello since.

An early encounter with the phenomenon of Harmonic Singing and a particular fascination for sound instruments have influenced Minghao’s development. As an active member of Manyala Milam (shamanic trance music) he began to experiment with the effects of sound and also started to engage himself with the phenomenon of harmonics from different perspectives.

Minghao Xu

At the age of twenty, Minghao had a crucial spiritual experience, which influenced and changed his life fundamentally and also became determinant for his spiritual as well as artistic and professional development. The study of different spiritual traditions, the realization of their commonalities and differences and especially his experiences and discoveries have become his source of inspiration.

The main focus of his artistic work today is the exploration of the "Patterns of Creation". In this work Minghao finds his personal fascination, his spiritual identity and his artistic skills wonderfully merged together. These aspects of the "Patterns of Creation" such as fractals, harmonics and sacred geometry are being explored and presented with the project Void Visuals. In 2012 Minghao and Silvia Dantchev founded "Mind Moving Picutres" under which documentaries and movies are made for a new paradigm.




1983 born in Beijing, China

1999-2000 Jefferson High School Montana, USA
2002 High School Graduation at "Kaiser Karls Gymnasium" in Aachen, Germany

2002-2003 Study Art History, Philosophy at the RWTH University Aachen, Germany
2003-2007 Study at Art Academy Maastricht, Netherlands. Bachlor in Visual Communications and Film

2009 founded art project Void Visuals
2012 founded with Silvia Dantchev "Mind Moving Pictures" - movies for a new paradigm

today living and working as a freelance artist and Filmmaker

More information on past projects, events, exhibitions, screenings etc. visit References