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Minghao Xu

Minghao Xu

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Posted by on in Void Visuals 2015

Hey there, I haven't been updating my site for a while.

Just want to let you know that I have started a new project called"Source Aligned" in 2015 and it is taking all my attention and focus for now.

I am planning on setting up Void Visuals anew afterwards. So stay tuned for a bigger update in late 2016.

Cheers! Ming

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Posted by on in Void Visuals 2014

Innerwise Lebe
The new series is finished for Innerwise - the system by Uwe Albrecht. Each image represents one of the systems and qualities. The process of delving into the essence and transforming them into images was really insightful. See the entire gallery here.

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Since I got many inquiries lately about the technical "how to" and requests for tutorial, I decided to write down some of my experiences and tips on creating animated fractals.


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Host of Light 08
am about to finish the "Host of Light" series that I have been working on. This is number 8 from the gallery. I will upload the entire gallery soon to the gallery section. You can view the other finished images on my FB page

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Host of Light 06

"Shapes there were, moving in Order,
great and majestic as stars in the night;
mounting in harmony, ordered equilibrium,
symbols of the Cosmic, like unto Law.

Many the stars I passed in my journey,
many the races of men on their worlds;
some reaching high as stars of the morning,
some falling low in the blackness of night."

~ The Emerald Tablets

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Posted by on in Void Visuals 2014

Inspired by this quote of the day: "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery." - Francis Bacon

Number 1 from the "Host of Light" series

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This music clip is for the debut of the talented musician named "Mimic" from Colorado, US with his first official release "Ava". Dubstep tunes with a load of bass.

Mimic has implemented the insights from the double slit experiment into this song. The animation is an artistic visualization of the changing state of light from wave to particle and back depending on an observing element.

Check out more of Mimics music:

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