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Do you need abstract animations or fractals for your film projects? I do commission work in the area of filmmaking, animation and art/design. My specialty is the animation and visualization of energy dynamics, ethereal realms and fractal worlds.

My services include:


• abstract animation
• fractal animation
• visualisations of energy dynamics
• visualisations of abstract worlds or ethereal surroundings


• camera
• editing
• compositing

Design and Graphics

• original and individual fractal art
• cover design
• artistic designs for any purposes

Full services:

With individuals and artists from a freelance filmmaker network, we realise
• image films and commercials
• music clips
• trailers
• intro animations
• documentaries
• animations
• instructional films

Graphic and editing work related to purchased licenses:

Work that is required after purchasing content from Void Visuals to fit your project is offered at a 50% rate of the normal wage.

The wage for commission work is based on the German film industry standards of 80€/hour. From experience this is the most fair and flexible model for both parties. I am open to negotiations and depending on your resources and budget I always try to find a way that is fair and a win for both sides. For questions concerning the services offered please do not hesitate to contact me.