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Welcome to the Void
Welcome to the Space within
Here we might remember of who we are
Here we might remember from where we came

Void Visuals - images

Void Visuals is the main art project by Minghao Xu, founded to explore the hidden and invisible principles of creation. The works presented are artistic interpretations of universal patterns and principles we usually cannot perceive. They shall remind us of the mystery and beauty of creation and our own role as a part of it.

Latest Blog post

New updates coming

Hey there, I haven't been updating my site for a while.

Just want to let you know that I have started a new project called"Source Aligned" in 2015 and it is taking all my attention and focus for now.

I am planning on setting up Void Visuals anew afterwards. So stay tuned for a bigger update in late 2016.

Cheers! Ming