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Welcome to the Void.
Welcome to the Space Within.
Here we might remember of who we are.
Here we might remember from where we came.

” Some people on this planet are different – they can see. They know the bigger picture and are beautiful instruments of creation. With them it’s so easy to manifest creativity. You tune in together and they know, how things want to be manifested. Ming is one of them and I enjoyed every moment and project we did together till now – and for sure there will be more in the future.”

Uwe Albrecht

Founder, Innerwise

” Minghao Xu, founder of Void Visual and Source Aligned is a truly extraordinary transcendent artist. When I first experienced his work, my jaw literally dropped. He is like Alex Grey on acid. This is some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen – truly.”

John & Pam Dupuy

CEO, iAwake

” I’ve been working with Ming for many years on various projects, and every single one has been very positive and inspiring.
He can make a project part of himself and is never afraid to push boundaries to achieve better results. He is especially able to envision my ideas and visualize them in a way that is just spot on. With his professionalism, reliability and kindness, I hope we will work for many years to come.”


Founder & Composer, Shylmagoghnar

” For the Cosmic Cine Filmfestival (a filmfestival facing topics of social issues, based in Germany) Void Visuals created the animation “The Infinite In Between”. The fractal art by Minghao Xu was amazing and took our guests into a state of pure awareness. We enjoyed this co-creation and cooperation during the festival a lot.”

Dunja & Maik Burghardt

Founders, Cosmic Cine Filmfestival